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My Story

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Ashala Yardley, BA  
Cultural Anthropologist
Author & Educator
Intuitive Counselor & Spiritual Guide
 In 2009 I chose the site name "Eye of the World"  as I was working with balancing polarities and seeing our human family with a unified perspective.... unlike the egyptians who exalted the right eye of RA representing the masculine and suppressed the left eye of Maat representing the feminine I created a graphic which unifies the two... this is not an "all seeing eye" but a "neutral observing eye"... like our inner eye or third eye.

This unified perspective has helped me to explore culture and natural peoples from all corners of the globe discovering our common values, customs stories and collective world view. I have learned to honor our differences and respect our diversity while experiencing deep compassion for our shared wisdom, dignity and uniquely human experience.

It is my mission to assist humanity in reclaiming the honor and dignity of its natural origins... and finding our way home to a balanced & healthy body, mind and spirit.
I believe that life is a precious gift and through difficult times I've discovered that the path of a spiritual warrior is a deeply empowered,...calm and steady way

With Awe and Gratitude, I Acknowledge...
The Creators of Life... Our holy living Earth 
All that Dies to Feed Us... Our Ancestors and
All Our Relations...
My Parents and Children... 
the Natural Peoples who Inhabit and Steward the Unceded Territorial Lands
where we Live and Work....
 My Allies, Mentors, Teachers and  Friends.
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