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Your Tarot Tools Volume Two E-Book

Your Tarot Tools Volume 2 -  E workbook guides your exploration toward advanced Tarot reading practice. In this compendium to YTT - Volume 1 Ashala address literally dozens of anticipated questions and offer oodles of "Tips" and resources!

After introducing her unique Tarot Reading Formula she offers numerous samples and examples of 10 key spreads illustrating a variety of approaches.

You'll learn how to interpret layers of meaning with confidence and clarity and even to design personal layouts transferring your growing skill base toward a more relaxed improv style of reading. Discover where your unique intuitive strengths reside and practice tips and tricks to increase your psychic perception while developing the ability to instantly memorize associated card meanings. A wrap-up Quiz establishes your readiness to extend your Tarot reading practice to family, friends and beyond!

Your Tarot Tools Volume Two E-Book

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