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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Eye of the World is an educational healing organization, founded and facilitated by Ashala Yardley,  that's dedicated to personal and global healing and rebalancing, traditional cultural reemergence,
as well as research and facilitation of new paradigm skills and ideas.

Our Story

Developing Eye of the World as  an umbrella organization encompassing my passions, interests and skills began in 2008.  I've long been intrigued by the Egyptian image of the "all seeing eye" and wondered "why it appears so one sided?"  Through research I discovered that there are actually two Egyptian "eyes"....the "right eye" representing the "sun" and the "left brained masculine principle of factual ideology" and the "left eye" representing the "moon" and the "right brained feminine principle of feeling and intuition".  Aligning  with my own desire to balance the masculine and feminine principles on an individual and global level I commissioned the design of a "unified eye of the world" to inspire our collective healing... this is not an "all seeing eye" but a "neutral observing eye"... like our inner eye or third eye.

Spirit is our source... the chi... Parana... life force energy.... like a glue that seals our mind body connection and moves in and around,  between all forms and thoughts.  It is in this mysterious unseen realm of spirit that all matter is healed and where inspiration and ideas are born.  We could define spirit as our emotional intelligence and intuitive sensitivity.  Therefore true healing is activated when we tune in to our emotional state and subconscious mind using intuition or sixth sense.   Often these revelations are the important first step in removing blockages and restoring balance. 

At Eye of the World we are dedicated to the creator of divine loving consciousness and the Wild Holy Earth and all her inhabitants!

With Awe and Gratitude, We Acknowledge...The Creators of Life... Our holy living Earth  and  All that Dies to Feed Us... Our Ancestors and All Our Relations Our Parents and Children... the Natural Peoples who Inhabit and Steward the Unceded Territorial Lands   where we Live and Work.... Our Allies, Mentors, Teachers and  Friends.


Meet The Team

From early childhood Kristal has been a coinsure of human dynamics. Beaming with enthusiastic curiosity she always chats with strangers from diverse walks of life, young, old rich & poor

...all are blessed by her generous warmth and compassion.

Kristal is an natural amplifier who has creatively forged a path of sovereign independence and raw self expression cultivating meaningful relationships and diverse life experiences. Her bold approach has fostered many opportunities for deep inner reflection and personal development.

Drawn to service centered careers she ran her own beauty salon for 9 years and quickly rose to success. Focusing not only on making people look amazing on the outside but also

feel beautiful and confident on the inside... Kristal gained valuable experience as an entrepreneur, a conscious evolver coach and a self-proclaimed community connector.

To her family, friends colleagues and clients, Kristal is a solid rock in the stormy seas of life…She tirelessly offers support, guidance, comfort and healing and with her grounded earth based wisdom is a natural resource on every level.

Anita is the real deal, “inspired, thoughtful and full of fun, grounded, responsible and a fierce warrior, advocate and protector of truth, justice and sovereignty”.


Born into a lineage of intuitives Anita has been a “practicing natural healer” from a very early age. Her warmth compassion and courageous Leo nature are evident in all the tools she’s gathered over the decades..and the paths she’s chosen to walk.


As an early childhood educator she learned to care for the heart and soul of the individual not just their body and mind.


Through reflexology and bodywork training Anita learned to tune in with her intuition to messages that the body is relaying.


As an energy and sound healer, Reiki master and Applied Kinesiologist (Touch For Health muscle-testing) she further honed her natural healing and intuitive gifts.

And in her study of the Hawaiian system of Ho'oponopono, Anita learned the value of taking responsibility for all that has entered your life...without guilt or shame.


Last but not least… Anita is a certified HeartMath® Practitioner which means she knows how to help you tune in gently...

Just being in her presence brings peace and calmness to your heart…. You feel yourself gradually softening, melting and bringing down your walls.

Our Partners

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