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Ashala’s comprehensive workbook "Your Tarot Tools" Volume 1 is a compilation of all that one needs to be able to understand the history, the magic, and the delight of learning how to use the Tarot.  It is a book which will serve as a fine reference one can return to throughout a lifetime of working with the Tarot.”

Carolyn Maclean, Vancouver

I have been intrigued by Tarot for over 30 years and have many books and various decks, but the disconnect always came around. Questions would arise with no answers or guideposts, like: what happens if I don't understand what I am seeing? , why does the Tarot both intrigue and scare me? why are there so many different interpretations of these cards? and what are the ethical implications of reading Tarot? Taking Tarot Level 1 and 2 with Ashala put all of those questions to rest and I have an amazing body of research and work from Ashala to refer to. Her ongoing, encouraging Spirit and relational energy are always here for me. Thank you Ashala for building a beautiful and supportive laboratory for lifelong learning and revelations. I am proud to say my Tarot Teacher and Mentor is Ashala Yardley.

Sheri Barnes, Virginia USA

"Eloquent and warmly welcoming" Ashala’s "Your Tarot Tools" Volume 1 workbook is a comprehensive (but not overwhelming) learning tool and an excellent quick reference, well written and pragmatic in its layout. The FAQ section is dense with info... both engaging and concise.  

Tara O, Vancouver BC

My session with Ashala was wonderful. She is very wise! And realistic and very intuitive. She was able to see unique ways that I was functioning and really communicate to that. She balanced with her clues, not too much reading into them, encouraging my counterpart in a creation of a plan for me to move forward. I felt uplifted. It all fitted for me and brought clarity to the vagueness. I felt confident even. Such a big step forward, I'm really glad I did this! Lots of gratitude

Charli, Vancouver Island BC

 I loved my reading with Ashala, she was so respectful and insightful, she showed me parts I needed to work on and pursue, and gave me directions to follow which were right for my heart and resonated in my spirit. She was very practical and also very personal with my dreams. She gave me hope for the future and showed me sides of my personality I had forgotten about. I would recommend a reading with Ashala to anyone who wants to see themselves in a true light.

Peace Angel, Australia

 My reading with Ashala was even MORE than I hoped for! She is so easy to talk with and her energy is inspiring! She was able to tap into past lives and translate how that is effecting my current situation. She was truly amazing! I really wish I would've booked a longer session than I did. Very helpful and encouraging guidance! Thank you Ashala, you are a beautiful soul!!

Heather F.

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