After attending Ashala's Tarot Level 1 & 2 courses "I went from always second-guessing myself to feeling confident and excited about each and every reading..... the visual divination content was particularly helpful... she is wonderfully knowledgeable, warm and encouraging... a real changemaker and visionary"

Katy Peck, North Peace Valley

My reading with Ashala was exactly what a reading should be. It made me look at myself and my world differently. It brought up a subject which I had been ignoring and painted it in imagery that made sense to me and made it easy for me to move forward with it. I had a very woolly question in mind to ask, but Ashala connected with my greater self and answered the question in my heart. Months later, I am still referring back to her comments.

Jean, United Kingdom

I completed Ashala’s Tarot I and II programs with such a joy for the practice.
“Your Tarot Tools Vol.1” is a must-have for any Tarot enthusiast.. Ashala's methods are so effective, I was able to give successful professional readings within one year! 
She puts immense thought and responsibility into how the teaching is structured, delivered, and received for each student so the comprehension is easy to digest and put into practice. 

Lana Light, Vancouver BC

My session with Ashala was wonderful. She is very wise! And realistic and very intuitive. She was able to see unique ways that I was functioning and really communicate to that. She balanced with her clues, not too much reading into them, encouraging my counterpart in a creation of a plan for me to move forward. I felt uplifted. It all fitted for me and brought clarity to the vagueness. I felt confident even. Such a big step forward, I'm really glad I did this! Lots of gratitude

Charli, Vancouver Island BC

 I loved my reading with Ashala, she was so respectful and insightful, she showed me parts I needed to work on and pursue, and gave me directions to follow which were right for my heart and resonated in my spirit. She was very practical and also very personal with my dreams. She gave me hope for the future and showed me sides of my personality I had forgotten about. I would recommend a reading with Ashala to anyone who wants to see themselves in a true light.

Peace Angel, Australia

 My reading with Ashala was even MORE than I hoped for! She is so easy to talk with and her energy is inspiring! She was able to tap into past lives and translate how that is effecting my current situation. She was truly amazing! I really wish I would've booked a longer session than I did. Very helpful and encouraging guidance! Thank you Ashala, you are a beautiful soul!!

Heather F.