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Ancestral Healing

90 min

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 190 Canadian dollars
  • Sessions via Zoom

Service Description

Are you curious about the role your ancestral history plays in your present life circumstances? Would you like to gain more understanding about "family patterns" and the potential strengths and/or challenges you've inherited? Do you have specific questions regarding a particular ancestor or family line? In the Ancestral Healing session Ashala skillfully applies techniques based upon an anatomy of the "7 generation relational wheel" to create bridges between our departed ancestors and the empowered healing potential of our current life circumstances. During the session you will experience a more meaningful connection to your past and discover unique gifts and healing opportunities available to you and your loved ones in the present. We begin with a grounding meditation to support "all your relations" coming into a most beautiful heart centered power neutral state of love. Then we consider which ancestors you may be curious about or desire healing with and also what intentions or questions you have going into the session. When you feel ready Ashala gently guides you through a short regression process to identify and connect with the most prominent ancestor who is "ready, willing and able" to co-create a meaningful connection for healing and transformation. We invite that ancestor forward into the here and now where Ashala "communicates" with their soul essence using her cards and relaying messages between you both. Often ancestors share details of their personal life journey that are relevant to your questions and intentions. When the process feels complete and with gratitude and respect we usher your ancestor back through time and space to their place in the constellation of all your relations. These sessions may be recorded upon request. (see booking schedule for Time Zone conversions)

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