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Free Tarot Masterclass

HOW WOULD IT FEEL to...     

  • expand your intuitive potential

  • enhance spiritual self-mastery

  • harness the Tools of the Tarot


Eye of the World Founder

Ashala Yardley, Author, Educator and Visionary Healer

A. Yardley

Ashala has such an incredible connection to the cards, your guides, and subtle energies. Her reading unearthed hidden possibilities and accuracies for me. I was pleasantly surprised how she connected directly with my questions and understood exactly what I was searching for. I highly recommend booking her for an appointment - you won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait for my next reading! 

SM ~ Kelowna, BC

I took Ashala’s Tarot 1 class with some prior tarot reading knowledge... in the first class, I was overwhelmed with such joy on how much more I learned. Ashala’s visual divination teachings allowed me to literally ‘see’ and 'feel' each card and experience such a great connection with them. Even though I took the class online via Zoom, I could still feel Ashala’s passion for teaching and for the Tarot.

Michelle Klassan, Vancouver BC

The Ancestral Healing reading with Ashala was literally that healing.

It gave me a whole new perspective on an ancestor whom I had misunderstood.

 My ancestor's courage has turned into a source of inspiration for me and has continued to give me strength.  The depth of Ashala's spirituality also kindled in me a stronger connection to Mother Earth, as a living being, that  has remained with me ever since.

Judy Roberts, Nanaimo BC

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